Why Register?

There are many reasons for you to register your business. Below we have summarised a few of the important reasons for you.

01  OWN YOUR NAME- Business Registrations with CIPC

Your trading name is very important to your business. Deciding what to call your business is a fun and exciting part of starting a business. But the process can also be a hard stop for business owners struggling to find the perfect balance of wit, relevance and personality. Your Business name can also be a short introductory to what you do as a Company.


With more than 15 years in the Business Services, we have had the privileddge of working with some major corporates, using financial assessment to strategise turnaround plans, growth and expansion plans, and sometimes the ineviatable downscaling and exit plan,

We have helped many businesses grow, by offering them the correct advise, and financial tools to assist in alleviating cashflow problems in businesses for example, which could stunt your business’ growth, and even see you close your doors, if not rectified in time.,   


When approaching an Investor or Banks for financing they will first and formeost want to know about your business. This is where we assist you with drawing up either 2-page Company Profile or Full Business Plan (required for Tenders).


We work with the major banks, in procuring business to them for finacing. With a more than 15 years in Business Banking background, we are able to recommend exactly what the banks require to finance your business. We are able to advise and prepare your application for funding, and in that way circumvent any delays or declines from the Banks.

About CIPC

Functions of the Commission:

  • Registration of Companies, Co-operatives and Intellectual Property Rights (trade marks, patents, designs and copyright) and maintenance thereof
  • Disclosure of Information on its business registers
    Promotion of education and awareness of Company and Intellectual Property Law
  • Promotion of compliance with relevant legislation
    Efficient and effective enforcement of relevant legislation
  • Monitoring compliance with and contraventions of financial reporting standards, and making recommendations thereto to Financial Reporting Standards Council (FRSC)
  • Licensing of Business rescue practitioners
    Report, research and advise Minister on matters of national policy relating to company and intellectual property law